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The Professional Tuning Solution uses the Knock Analyser Pro and KS-4 together. This allows professional engine tuners to listen to knock whilst remapping a high performance vehicle. The KS-4 can log knock levels via a 0-5v output to logging software, ECU or dyno; and the KS-4 alarm can be used to warn when knock is detected. The KS-4 can remain in the vehicle after mapping to monitor knock. The Knock Analyser Pro can be plugged directly into the KS-4 at anytime when the map needs to be altered. This soution means that there is no need to remount the sensor each time or route cables into the engine bay. Simply plug the Knock Analyser Pro into the KS-4 and switch on.

The Pro Tuning Solution includes:

  • KS-4 Knock Analyser
  • Knock Analyser Pro (KS-Pro)
  • Two (2) Bosch Knock Sensors
  • Interface Kit
Optional twin sensor kit available for V6, V8 and Boxer engines.

Additional information on the Knock Analyser Pro

Additional information on the Knock Analyser KS-4

ItemEx. VAT
Pro Tuning Solution
(KS-4, KS-Pro and Interface Kit)
(In stock)
Twin Sensor Cable for V8, V6, Boxer, etc
(Cable only)
(In stock)

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